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{Name} Maybelle
{Age} 17
{Location} mainly NYC, but also Bridgehampton
(Favorite movie(s)} Vanilla Sky; Fight Club; Y Tu Mama Tambien; Saved; American History X
{Favorite book(s)} there's a few, but i'm not gonna bother my brain with remembering them right now, it's busy
{Favorite band(s) or singer(s)} old school Offspring; old school Incubus; RHCP; Postal Service / Dexter Holland; Anthony Keides; Brandon Boyd; Cris Cornell
{Be honest, what makes you jealous?} skinny girls
{How and why are you rad?} haha, Hello!
{What’s your story? Tell us a brief story of your life} Well, an emotionaly crippled jewish boy and a single immigrant mother met when their building caught fire 20 years ago. 3 years later they had me. I was all Christian and conformist for the first 6 years of my life, then I started moving. In Queens, in Long Island, to Nashville, did a year and a half in El Salvador (not in that order). All the moving made me grow up in a weird way, also, to become an Agnostic. When I was 12 I began to loathe my life. At 14 I started to modify myself, as well as have sex.. lots of it. Cue the drugs and alcohol. About a year ago I started to straighten things out. I keep my elder brother and sister pretty close. My father is more like my ill-tempered little brother and my mother it turns out is a paranoid skitzo. I now live with my cousin in LI and am trying to finish up HS so I can go double major in Pre-Med and Art. I'm in a mellow relationship with Mike. I have too much to do, but too much spare time.
{Who do you like better: Savannah, Steph, Janna or Laura?} I don't kno these people. I'll go with Steph.
{Why?} Because I don't.
{1,2,3 START..?} "skanking it up!"
{What do you think about gay marriages?} I shall ordain them.
{What are 3 personality traits of others that get on your nerves?} Ignorance, the failure to admit ignorance, and being completely and utterly self-centered.
{How did Savannah and Laura meet? If you don’t know, make up a story}
[ corner of St. Mark's, in front of the Continental ]

- "Hey, do you have an extra ciggarette?"
"Yea, but No, so sucks for you."
- "Ugh, bitch..."
"I guess I am, but at $7 a pack... it sucks for you."
- [mumbles] "Hey... are you here for the show?"
"Yea, are you?"
- "Fuck yea, Streetlight rock!"
"Do you like their song, 'We are the Few'?"
- "It's my favorite. As are 27s."
"...and you're still not getting one. But nice try. By the way, Laura."
- "Savannah"
"Cool name."
- [ahem] "So...?
"Do you kno Anna?"
- "Used to go by 'Lace' at the Cube? Kinda slutty?"
- "Haha, she's a Total Scunt."
"Haha, here. [hands over a 27 & a lighter] Anyone who doesn't like her is a friend of mine."
- "Word."
- "Duh. We have like an hour to kill anyway."

[ and they walk off to the Yaffa and live happily ever after ]

{Post up to three of your favorite quotes/lyrics}
"I don't want to hear it
All you do is talk about you
I don't want to hear it
Because I know that none of it's true" - Minor Threat

"Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you
I’ll tell you no lies
When all is said and done
Does it really matter who’s wrong or right
Don’t ask me for a reason, I can’t explain" - Offspring

"I fell in to yesterday
Our dreams seemed not far away
I want to, I want to, I want to stay
I fell into fantasy" - AFI

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{Post at least 3 pictures of yourself} soon my child, must get some first.
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