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Ah, I had one of these all filled out, and the window closed!

{Name} Jewlia
{Age} 15
{Location} Seattle, Washington
(Favorite movie(s)} Moulin Rouge, Aladdin, Napoleon Dynamite
{Favorite book(s)} Im trying to think of the most complicated book Ive ever read.... Lucas, by I dont know who, but hes bald
{Favorite band(s) or singer(s)} Scissor Sisters
{Be honest, what makes you jealous?} My friends getting other friends, even if they dont talk to them that much
{How and why are you rad?} Im rad because I have a Kermit the frog watch
{What’s your story? Tell us a brief story of your life} well, I was born, then I went to kindergarten, then in 4th grade I went to a special scince/technology class and made some friends. then I tried out for a play, and I discovered that acting is my Dream, and that I must have been Audrey Hepburn in my past life (is she dead?). Then I met marina and Amanda, by current best friends, and we went to high school and my math teacher was in a wheel chair and she let us call her a crip.
{Who do you like better: Savannah, Steph, Janna or Laura?} Laura has the best name, but janna is the best because...
{Why?} shes got a sweet jacket
{1,2,3 START..?} SKAnking it up!
{What do you think about gay marriages?} I think they should be encouraged, because gay people would be more devoted to their marriage than, say, Britney Spears, because theyve had to fight for it.
{What are 3 personality traits of others that get on your nerves?} When people say sorry excessively. Overly chatty depressed people. its Ok, I just dont want to hear about it. and people who whistle, i dont know if thats a personality thing, but it sure is lame.
{How did Savannah and Laura meet? If you don’t know, make up a story}
They met at starbucks, and Savannah heard Laura ordering the same drink she had, a Toffee nut latte. Savannah just had to talk to her, because Laura was wearing a really awesome jacket (one she had borrowed from Janna, because it was snowing outside). so Savannah said 'hey, Im Savannah. I noticed you ordered a toffee nut latte. way to go. tell me, do you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off?" and Laura said "heck yes I do! do you want to come hang with me?" and Savannah liked that idea a lot, so they drove around in Laura's energy effecient car. They went into town and watched people learning how to tango.
{Post up to three of your favorite quotes/lyrics}
1. "ew, Nut Lovers. SICK!"
2. "Your face is goofy. You must have down syndrome."
3. "In Russia, we have bears. Brown Bears. They drink vodka and come down chimney at christmas time"
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