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{Name} Maria
{Age}  17
{Location} brisbane, queensland. Australia.
(Favorite movie(s)} rules of attraction, napoleon dynamite, snatch, fight club, donnie darko, memento, billy madison, freddy got fingered...
{Favorite book(s)} anything based on greek mythology, the obernewtyn chronicles
{Favorite band(s) or singer(s)} the used, grinspoon, thursday, gyroscope, brand new, thrice, sunk loto, funeral for a friend, alexisonfire <3, joy division, death cab for cutie, as i lay dying, most precious blood, xwishforwingsx, i killed the prom queen.
{Be honest, what makes you jealous?}happy couples, someone with lots of lollies.
{How and why are you rad?} cos i have aqua and black hair?
{What’s your story? Tell us a brief story of your life}i was born here and grew up here, i have a small family, i love australia, i love music and im really sunburnt at the moment. it hurts, im on fire.
{Who do you like better: Savannah, Steph, Janna or Laura?}janna. {Why?}because i have skirt in the same material as her jacket :).
{1,2,3 START..?)skanking it up
{What do you think about gay marriages?}i dont really believe in marriage by itself, but if it makes people feel more secure then go ahead, it shouldnt matter what sex you are if you love each other.
{What are 3 personality traits of others that get on your nerves?}trying to be more superior then everyone, stupidity, bad drivers!
{How did Savannah and Laura meet? If you don’t know, make up a story}
they saw each other all the time at local gigs, they knew who the other was, but never spoke.
they were first formally introduced to each other by a mutual friend. after that they just hit it off.
now they are like cheese and crackers.
{Post up to three of your favorite quotes/lyrics}

"have another drink, and drive yourself home i hope there's ice on all the roads
so you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt and again when your head goes through the windshield." - Brand New
'every second i'm without you i'm a mess' - The Used
"but there's no blame for how our love did slowly fade, and now that its gone, it's like it wasnt there at all
and here i rest where disappointment and regret collide, lying awake at night" - death cab for cutie
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fin <3

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