Kaleb (infinitesimal67) wrote in rad_fucks,


{Name} Kaleb
{Age} 16
{Location} Houston
(Favorite movie(s)} OOO, hard one. Probably my favorite is...History of the World part I
{Favorite book(s)} Another hard one. Anything written by Therou I'm good with
{Favorite band(s) or singer(s)} anyone but Avril. Guh!
{Be honest, what makes you jealous?} my girl friend's boyfriends. (I'm such a dork.)
{How and why are you rad?} Because I'm frickin' Kaleb and I know how to rock the flag. (Ask Janna, she'll tell ya.)
{What’s your story? Tell us a brief story of your life} I was born. Then I went to school and hated everyone, then I got to high school and loved everyone. Joined Color Guard. Joined the Newspaper. That's about where I am right now.
{Who do you like better: Savannah, Steph, Janna or Laura?} Janna
{Why?}just cause she rocks my hardcore socks.
{1,2,3 START..?} skanking it up!
{What do you think about gay marriages?} considering who I am...I'm for it.
{What are 3 personality traits of others that get on your nerves?} constantly sarcastic. constantly asking questions. asking personal questions before they get to know me.
{How did Savannah and Laura meet? If you don’t know, make up a story} Okay, well, Savannah was in this vintage shop looking for a cute skirt for this rad party she was going to and in walks Laura and she's looking for a cute skirt for a club she's going to. And they just happen to reach for the same skirt. So Savannah is like, "IT'S MINE!" then Laura is like, "Heck no! It's MINE!" and then they bust out into this full out cat fight and some random person runs in with some mud and throws it on them and then they go get latte's. :-D
{Post up to three of your favorite quotes/lyrics} "Could you let down your hair, be transparent for a while, just a little while. So I can see that you're human after all."
"I'm so far down, away from the sun again..."
"You might think that I don't look, but deep in the corner of my mind, I'm attached to you."
{Promote us in one journal and one community and give the link please} okay!

{Post at least 3 pictures of yourself}

hm...okay...let's see if I can find some.

I promise, I was reaching for something.

kay, this last one is a really bad one but it was a day when my hair was all freaky and I couldn't find any contacts. :-/
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